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Oh dear god tumblr still exists…

Saves The Day

—Third Engine


Saves The Day | Third Engine


Lifetime-Just a Quiet Evening

When you get home the street is quiet in the morning, and the sight of her is all you need to get down. I can’t figure how a letter so upset her, just climb down the stairs. Just disappear. I can promise something fleeting, Just a quiet evening, that will pass and although we ain’t got nothing to show by sitting at home, it’d mean a lot to me. I can promise something fleeting, just a quiet evening that will pass. Just a quiet evening, Just a quiet evening.

Rogue Wave


Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Cover) - Rouge Wave - Sweetheart: Our Favourite Artists Sing Their Favourite Love Songs

Lovely little ear worm.

Tumblr Magic the Gathering community, I beesech you.


I need feedback on a Standard Junk Reanimator. I would call it budget in the name but it was already pretty long. If you think you can give me advice/feedback/critque/burns on things to do with it it would be much appreciated :)

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Running a version of this currently, needs four thragtusk, Max out on mulch and grisly salvage. Angel of Serenity is the best possible card to reanimate, either eliminating their board or givin you value creatures from your yard back. I like to give the deck some midrange pitential so i run two strangleroot geist, two dreg mangler, and four lingering souls. Also can’t recommend two copies of griselbrand more because a turn four griselbrand is something most decks can’t come back from… If you’d like I’ll put my full 75 in your inbox for your use.
Listen to the smiths… (Taken with Instagram)

Listen to the smiths… (Taken with Instagram)